This season's collection takes its inspiration from the majestic Blue Bird, a symbol of happiness, love and confidence. Every woman who wears KARIMA represents the love and peace reflected from the clothing design.
Autumn/Winter 2012 utilizes "Cool" colors such as: dark blue, purple, gray, blue, green-mint, pink and brown. Our collection also utilizes a printing and repeat technique on the clothing edges to add detail and shape to our designs. "Printed" patterns of Blue Bird mixed with natural flora gives the Rebird collection an open, bright and lively feel parallel to the love, joy and refreshing feeling of a bright winter morning.
The "Bird" has been used as a main concept throughout the design of this collection, for example, the design for the sleeves were inspired by a bird’s wings, and represent freedom. The cross stitching technique on the pants were also inspired by a bird’s nest and convey the feeling of warmth, natured and comfort. In this collection, we have created special designs for our clothes using several different and unique techniques such as: crimping, functional design and color block. Our clothes are not designed for only for women with "perfect" bodies, but are designed to improve the fit and look of a women’s body through the use of quality fabrics such as polyester and chiffon.
This collection harmoniously combines the beauty of the autumn and winter seasons together. While the Blue Bird, full of liveliness and elegance, symbolizes confidence for women. Hence this collection combines the perfect mix between a warm image and poised style, characteristic of the KARIMA Brand.
Born to be Different Lovely Angle Relaxing of Freedom
Fly in the Sky Lively in Pink Bottom of the Valley
Wonderful Princess Flora in Green Penelope Charming Plume
Daisy in the Blue Bonny Berry Sweet Blue Bird
Deep in a Dream Happiness of Love Sweet Forever
Shiny Flower Alla with Autumn  
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