Karima's spring/summer 2012/2013 collection tells a story of the modern urban chic woman who has an important role to play in society. She is unique and versatile with many characteristics. In this collection, we use the elements of nature to articulate this concept. A freshly droplet, the structure of flora, the sky, and the reflection of sunlight are all used to express our idea of "woman".
The collection uses prints that incorporate a variety of natural elements that show femininity in designing ed. Droplet on a leaf, the structure of flora and the reflection of the sunlight on the water.
The colors we used in this collection are blue, mid blue cream, purple-blue and purple. These colors represent sunlight on the water or sky in the morning and at dusk. We add summer pastels such as mint green, pink, and orose. To give the clothes a more masculine feel, we add an accent of black for detail.
With this collection, we develop a modern look by using techniques such as draping, ruffles, pleating, color blocking, embroidery, cutwork and unique finishing touches. The Fabrics for this collection are: chiffon, polyester, nylon and silk.
So get ready for the newest Karima collection designed especially for you to make your summer a unique and fashionable one.
Dorothy Feona Susie
Olive Berry Rose
Alice April Jenny
Molly Calorine Kate
Lucy Mary Peach
Olivai Emily Marina
Maggie Daisy  
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