Mrs. Karima "Pink" Tantakit is the founder and developer of the KARIMA brand.
Although her formal training is in the fields of accounting and business, Pink eventually followed her passion for fashion and studied fashion merchandising at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

After returning to her native Thailand, Pink found that no particular designer had the combination of style, form, and utility that she desired. This lead her to begin designing her own clothing. After receiving many compliments on her designs and having realized that many other women demanded a similar combination of fashion, femininity, design and versatile utility, Pink decided to create "KARIMA". With training in both fashion and business, Pink designs clothes that combine both form and function.

Her design mantra is to make you look and feel great. KARIMA brand prides itself on being able to combine quality, innovation, and a unique sense of fashion. Be Confident, Love Your Style.


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